Friday, October 16, 2009

welcome to East of Evil!

For several years now I have participated in a political blog called South Dakota Politics, which is really about national politics (there is a history there).  I frequently posted on jazz music there, and finally created a blog specifically devoted to jazz: Jazz Note SDP.  Another topic I posted on occasionally at SDP was the horror genre.  I have been fond of scary movies since I was very young.  My taste for the genre has never weakened, but these days I like to think about the genre in a more or less academic way.  Well, I have often given thought to a blog specifically devoted to horror, and here it is.  

I will be posting a lot of the things that were earlier posted on SDP, but I intend to build a coherent body of posts to guide intelligent horror fans (that's you) to the best kind of movies and other media, and to give you some provocative analysis to chew on.  Whether I keep it up depends on whether I get a readership and generate some conversations in the posts.  Please let me know if what you read here is of interest.  

ps.  I have changed the title of this blog.  

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