Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rue Morgue's 200 Alternative Horror Films

My favorite horror magazine is Rue Morgue, just as my favorite podcast was Rue Morgue Radio until they stopped producing it.  On the stands now, the folks at Rue Morgue have a special issue: 200 Alternative Horror Films.  This is one of my favorite kinds of things: a guide full of suggestions for my Netflix queue.  The only beef I have ever had with the folks at Rue Morgue (besides killing RMR) is that their movies reviews are so frequently devoted to telling me what not to watch.  Offering me two hundred films that I should watch is a treasure. 
I just got it yesterday, so I can’t report any major finds yet, but judging from the films listed that I have already seen, their judgments are trustworthy.  I just wish that they had found room for a lot more.  If you are into horror, don’t let this one disappear on you.  
While Rue Morgue Radio is no more, the Rue Morgue Podcast is still going strong.  Today I listened to a marvelous interview with Roger Corman.   Rue Morgue is the place to go for horror nerds like yours truly. 

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