Friday, April 25, 2014

Contracted: almost the zombie film I have been waiting for
Contracted didn't get much attention and the only review I read was at Rue Morgue and that wasn't favorable.  I only watched it because I had an abscess tooth and was on pain killer meds and it caught my eye.  I have thought about it since and I think it was almost the perfect zombie movie precisely because you don't know it was a zombie movie until the last two minutes. 

Samantha () is a lipstick lesbian.  Her significant other, Nikki () isn't returning her calls.  Samatha's world is spiraling down.  She is on her way to a party hosted by Alice (Alice MacDonald) who would like to be Samantha's significant other.  At the party, a guy called BJ apparently drugs her drink and nails her in a car. 

The next morning (Day One) she isn't feeling so hot.  She doesn't get better.  Over the next two days she bleeds from one end and turns red at the eyes.  Her behavior grows more erratic as her appearance grows more grotesque.  Her mother thinks she is back on drugs.  No such luck.  It doesn't end well for Samantha or, I suspect, for the rest of us. 

The film is flawed by a couple of scenes of explicit violence that interrupt the slow burn that the movie has maintained to that point.  However, the last two minutes make the whole show.  This one is worth your time.